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acne treatment
Get clear skin with a powerful prescription cream mixed just for you.
No more breakouts. No more blackheads. No more cover-up.
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It's not for everyone
Remedy is a custom formula for your skin's unique needs.
Each tube is formulated by a dermatologist to solve your problem skin -
and no one else's
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Start your journey by answering a few questions about your skin
and snapping some pictures
A dermatologist will formulate a skin cream just for you
- using ingredients that you can't get on store shelves
Your personalised formula arrives each month and our dermatology
team is there to support you throughout your journey
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You're in good hands
We work with UK-registered providers to build and monitor your unique treatment regime. They're also on hand to answer any questions you have about products, diet or lifestyle and the effect they have on your skin.
You can't get this at Boots
Remedy mixes prescription-strength retinoids and other derma-grade
ingredients that you can't buy over the counter
We're a passionate team of clinicians and technologists backed by the UK's largest compounding pharmacy, with over tens year's experience working with some of the world's best dermatologists.
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Get a formula mixed just for you using powerful ingredients
and banish bad skin days
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